Hootsuite is a big believer in the co-op program. With around 15 co-ops per semester (50% from UBC) we see the value in growing and providing real-world work opportunities to the next generation of local talent. All our co-ops are eager to learn, and contribute not just to our technical roadmap, but are also big contributors to our culture. Seeing co-op experience on a resume shows me that a candidate is ready for the workforce, and it’s always a pleasure seeing a co-op return in a full-time role once their studies are finished.

Alister West, DevOps Manager

Clearly is extremely proud to partner with UBC’s Co-op program. As a Vancouver born and raised tech driven company, it’s fantastic to have access to extraordinary talent in our city. The diversity of profiles we look for in Tech, Digital Marketing and E-commerce in general can all be found at UBC. This partnership has been an amazing experience, from the quality of the applications received, to the interview process as well as the huge added value students bring to our business. Having been recently recognized as a Canada top employer for young graduates, Clearly looks forward to a continued successful partnership with UBC.

Dylan Herold, Business Specialist, Contact Lenses

I would happily recommend UBC Arts Co-op to other employers, and proudly recommend that RBC Ventures continue to look for talent from UBC for future co-ops and student opportunities. It’s been a wonderful experience and I look forward to fostering the relationship even further!

Sonia Sidhu, Product Lead
RBC Ventures

Through Co-op I was able to directly apply my academic background in a variety of practical settings, and my experiences in Co-op [have] definitely affected my academic and career choices moving forward … and continue my passion for learning. By participating in this program – through the research that I conducted and the people I have met – I have grown immensely as a person, and I happily look back on my experiences, accomplishments, successes, and my failures knowing that I am a better person as a result of them…

Brandon Huntington, Science Co-op
Biology Major

The Co-op Program opened my eyes to a path that I originally did not consider as a postgraduate option. I recommend this to anyone that wants to know more about the options available or the working environment of their desired dream jobs. This is also a great opportunity to learn more about yourself and what you have to offer.

Jennifer Wong, Kinesiology Co-op
Kinesiology and Health Science Stream

Getting the opportunity to help a student in the position that I was in many years ago, is something that I really looked forward to doing, and we’ve had such great success with them that we’ve hired a co-op student every year for the last 15 years.

Elna Johnson, Owner
Optimal Performance Clinic

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada has employed UBC Science Co-op students on an ongoing basis to assist with laboratory and field activities…Students have been extremely helpful supporting honey bee colony maintenance in the field, sample collection and processing, and visual and molecular diagnosis of diseases using a variety of field and laboratory techniques…UBC Science Co-op students are enthusiastic, quick learners and a welcomed addition to our teams.

Dr. Marta Guarna, Research Scientist, Apiculture
Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada