UBC Co-op Achieves Record Growth

UBC's Co-op Programs grew to a record total of 7,693 work terms in 2021/22 - a significant increase of 20% over last year.

2021/22 Work Terms by Program:

  • Arts: 676
  • Engineering: 2,891
  • Forestry: 133
  • Sauder: 618
  • Science: 3,055
  • UBCO Interdisciplinary*: 320

* Includes Arts, Fine Arts, Human Kinetics / Health & Exercise Sciences, Management, Media Studies, and Science

Co-op Spans 4 Corners of the World

As our programs return to international activities, we're seeing a gradual increase of co-op terms outside Canada. In 2021/22, there were 206 international work terms, more than double the number from last year.
Students worked in 24 different countries, including Australia, China, Ecuador, Egypt Germany, India, Japan, Panama, Singapore, and the United Arab Emirates.