UBC Co-op offers students a structured way to enrich their educational experiences and gain professional work experience for personal and professional growth.

Through co-op, students alternate between academic terms and paid work terms with employers that can range from private business to the public sector or non-profit organizations. 

We partner with employers to offer challenging, practical work opportunities that will help you excel in both academic and professional capacities, and prepare you for your future career.

Programs by Discipline

Co-op is available to students across a range of disciplines:

  • Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences
  • Business & Management
  • Engineering 
  • Forestry
  • Human Kinetics
  • Land & Food Systems
  • Science

To learn more about each program and availability by campus and degree level, visit the Program Spotlight.

Eligibility and Deadlines

Students are generally required to have full-time registration status and meet a minimum cumulative average, however, specific eligibility requirements vary by program. You can find links to each program here to learn about detailed eligibility requirements.

Intake for UBC's co-op programs ranges from first to third year, and deadlines and processes vary by discipline. Find the co-op program relevant to your discipline to learn when and how to apply.


In co-op, students alternate between work and study terms, so undergraduate students typically complete their degree in 4.5 to 5 years. While it may take longer to graduate, students get a head start on their career journeys, with industry connections, job search skills, and valuable, paid work experience.

Securing a Co-op Position

Students accepted into a co-op program must compete for jobs, just like they would in a real-world job hunt. 

We provide students with pre-employment training, personalized coaching and exclusive access to an online co-op job board, and your success with landing a co-op position depends greatly on the effort you put into the job search and application process. 

International Students

International students are eligible to participate in co-op at UBC and pay the same co-op fees as domestic students. Click here to learn more about co-op for international students.

Co-op Fees

Once you’re admitted into co-op, you will pay a one-time co-op administration and workshop fee that supports specialized training and pre-employment conferences. This training will help prepare you for applying to jobs and increase your chances of success in finding work, both in your co-op program and after graduation.
For every work term you secure*, you will be registered in a co-op course to maintain your full-time registration status with the university. You will pay a course fee for each work term, which contributes to the services offered by your co-op office, such as job sourcing, application preparation, and professional development support. 
For the most up-to-date fee information, see the UBC Calendar.

* The fee structure is the same in all co-op programs, except in Arts Co-op, where students are also registered in a search term course and the course fee is split between the search and work term.