World map with orange pins indicating where students have worked

Hiring a Student for Work Abroad

Accessing top talent isn’t just for Canadian employers – UBC Co-op students are eager to work internationally, with hundreds taking part in work terms around the globe each year.  

As an internationally top-ranked university, UBC is committed to educating global citizens and our co-op programs can connect you with some of the brightest students in the world.

Recruiting a Student

We provide personalized assistance in your student recruitment, with a simple process that takes you from the initial posting through to hiring. To learn about the steps involved, see How Co-op Works.

Work Authorization

Students must obtain the correct visa or work permit for international work terms. Once a student has accepted your job offer, we can assist you in navigating the process of obtaining any necessary documentation.

Multilingual Skills

UBC has a diverse student population, many of whom are proficient in languages other than English and would be a natural fit for work that requires knowledge of local languages. If your position needs an additional language, please state the language and level of proficiency in the job description.

Attracting Students

While students are keen for the adventure of traveling and working abroad, making an international move is a big commitment. Consider assisting students with relocation costs, such as visa fees, flights, or accommodations. These incentives are not mandatory, but they will encourage a wider pool of candidates to apply for your position, as some may not otherwise be able to afford relocation.